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“One day you will see… But I will not be here…

I do see now, Dad. And you will always be here, always in our Father’s perfect love.

Releasing all your pain, blessing you from my deepest heart,

Your little Λέων



Oh I pray that you will know


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Everything I say and do
Everything I am to you
Oh I pray
That you will know

That whatever is good in me
Whenever there’s joy to see
Hear me say
It’s not my own

All glory to God, all honor is His
No other is worthy of His name
All glory to God, I’ll always be His
Forever I’ll live to sing His praise

Everyday I know I’m blessed
Just to know my heart
It rests in the Hands
That gave me life

You know I won’t forget
What He’s done for me you bet
I’m amazed every time
So I’m sayin

All glory to God, all honor is His
No other is worthy of His name
All glory to God, I’ll always be His
Forever I’ll live to sing His praise

My love to You, Father
My heart to no other
My life for Your honor

All glory to God, all honor is His
No other is worthy of His name
All glory to God, I’ll always be His
Forever I’ll live to sing His praise

Kathy Troccoli



Whatever is steeped in grape juice
will acquire the flavor of the grape.
Whether it be carrots or apples or quinces or walnuts,
you will taste in them the delicious flavor of the grape.

When your knowledge is steeped in the light of faith,
then wayward people will receive light from it.
Whatever you say will be luminous,
for the sky never rains anything but pure water.

Become like the sky. Become like the cloud and shed rain:
the spout rains, too, but it can’t produce the rain.
The water in the spout is borrowed;
the water in the cloud and sea is original.

Your thought and reasoning resemble the spout;
inspiration and revelation are like the cloud and the sky.
The rain water engenders all the colors of the garden,
while the spout causes quarrels with your neighbors.

Rumi, Jewels of Remembrance, V 2486-2493
Translation by Kabir & Camille Helminski

Wednesday Worship 10th January 2018 The more I seek you – Live worship


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Hayley Dearest, the little girl you liked yesterday in the sky above our coast? She’s also in our blog’s footer area now, with these powerfully healing words you sing here.
Has He ever blamed her for finding her trials almost unbearable? Or does His eternal embrace have the same warmth for all His children, reminding the most severely persecuted and the ones considered lucky alike that they are always immeasurably loved? The little girl is you, she is Plutonia, she is me, she is each and every one and all of us, His Love on Earth.
Thank you God for our blessed Hayley, Your precious worshipper, our friend and sister who prays with us amid so many trials for us all. Thank You for reminding us that if we are solely focused on living in perfection, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to experience the holiness of our struggles. Thank you for showing us how to be genuinely humble and very gentle with ourselves. Thank you for blessing with Your peace now everyone visiting here and listening to our Hayley singing. 💛🙏Leon

Red Letters

I recorded ‘The more I seek you’ last night after my very special WordPress friends, Leon and Plutonia requested me to sing it. I’d never heard of this beautiful, anointed song until last week and I’ve not been able to stop singing it since!

Here’s a short clip of The more I seek you and if you’d like to listen to the full version I have also put it on YouTube.

Listen to full song on YouTube

The more I seek you, The more I find you,

The more I find you, The more I love you

I want to sit at your feet, Drink from the cup in your hand

Lay back against you and breathe, feel your heart beat

This love is so deep, its more than I can stand

I melt in your peace, its overwhelming

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Dankbare Herzensgrüße ♥


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Unendliche Dankbarkeit, unsere liebste Marina!



Ihr liebsten Seelchen…
in Griechenland und überAll in der Welt,

in der Tiefe unseres Seins sind wir vereint,
in Liebe und Dankbarkeit –
gemeinsam mit dem gr0ßen Liebhaber allen Lebens.
Im Herzen können wir IHN immer an unserer Seite spüren.
Mögen wir uns alle
behütet, geborgen und gesegnet fühlen
im großen Weltenherz…

Mit dankbaren und frohen Grüßen
eure Marina

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Treasure of the Empty Present


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When our boxes are full, and when they are empty, let us only say Thank You. Through Daryl and Leon, Brightest Christmas Blessings!


A present beautiful
Underneath the tree
Unwrapping it with joy
Empty the box be

Come not disappointment
A gift to contemplate
Same as is our soul
This emptiness equate

Cherish this desire
To be filled with You
Let eye be of the soul
View gifts that we pursue

Lavished with Your blessings
All for us to share
Hope and peace and joy
Love beyond compare

Treasures of divine
Secure from rot or rust
Gift of faith is offered
In You we place our trust

Though beyond eyes sight
Eternal is their way
Store within life’s passing
Nourished when we pray

One within His body
Abundant is Your giving
Emanuel is born
In us Christ is living

Cherish here this treasure
Of emptiness so fine
Forever of the filling
With gifts of the divine

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Je und je / Everlasting


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Leon and Plutonia 4 Years Online

Your tears break my heart
Your guilt has been my pain
But my compassion is here, my dear child
Do you not see how all ways are my ways?

You came crying, but laughing you will go
I want to give you a heart full of joy and happiness
I want to guide you and smoothe the way for you
Do you not see, I give you my word, I watch over you

I have loved you with an everlasting love
I, who keeps drawing you closer and closer
My goodness will always be with you
I am your God, I bring you home
I am your God, I bring you home

You are free to go singing into your future
And see the world with new eyes
I give you peace, comfort and a new beginning
Do you not see, your life is always leading to me now

I have loved you with an everlasting love
I, who keeps drawing you closer and closer
My goodness will always be with you
I am your God, I bring you home
I am your God, I bring you home

Set up road signs for yourself
So you do not go astray
Put up signposts to keep your mind
On the road where flowers are blooming at the wayside
There is bliss after all suffering
I transform all your grief into joy

I have loved you with an everlasting love
I, who keeps drawing you closer and closer
My goodness will always be with you
I am your God, I bring you home
I am your God, I bring you home

Leon’s translation
Dania König‘s
Je und je geliebt

💜 💜 💜

20 euros


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Yesterday in our weekly market.

There in front of me, he is suddenly standing.

We haven’t seen each other for a quarter of a century, and even back then as soldiers, we never shared many words. It wasn’t necessary.

It isn’t necessary. We just stand here face to face, eyes shining bright, hearts glowing with God’s love.

How are you? How can I help you? Open your heart to me. I am your brother. How can I help you?”

Warm questions asked gently, with no curiosity or pressure, and no exchange of information ensuing; only words of divine trust and empowerment for our missions here on Earth, warm tears streaming down cold cheeks, and a long, tight heart-to-heart hug in the middle of this busy, for-a-while-noiseless street.

He reaches into his pocket, takes something out and slides it into mine.

Oh, please now. See these nice vegetables here? We do have food on our table. Whatever you just…”

It is not mine.”

You have struggles of your own…”

What was in my pocket did not belong to me. I knew. Christ told me this morning. I knew I would meet a brother. Everything will fall into place. You will see.”

Manolis, Μανώλης is his name. Diminutive of Εμμανουήλ, Emmanuel, “God is with us”.

Plutonia has been waiting in our old little car some streets away. She cannot walk without pains these days. “Here, my beautiful Love; this cauliflower head, fresh and white enough? And nice potatoes. And eggs. And lettuce and kale leaves and fresh green onions. And the kitchen tool that broke down last week, days after we bought it? How much did it cost? Et Voilà! From Heaven for us.”

💜 💜 💜

It’s not about the money or the food or the struggles, Loves. It’s not about anything of this world. Ever. It’s only about the Divine working through the visible, through us all, thanks to everything we go through.

Thank you for your presence here and in our hearts.

God bless us all.

Leon In Sacred Presence

Gratitude, Beloved Emmanuel:

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74. Be Still Inside Challenging Times


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Truest Power
Thank You Michelle
💛🙏 Leon

Michelle Adam

BLOG 74—(present reflections tied to August 2000 journal entries about my healing and novel writing journey)—A friend recently shared a profound dream with me: she was inside her house and animals began entering in droves, one after another. She became scared as they continued to come inside.

But then she saw a Liona wise, divine, and beautiful Lion drawing her away from her fear. Just ask for what you want, the Lion advised her, and she knew in that moment that she had to choose between her fear and the immense beauty and wisdom of the Lion. My friend took the Lion’s advice and her entire demeanor inside her dream changed. She faced the animals, and simply asked them, without fear or doubt, to leave. They did.

While my friend was deeply touched by the message of the dream, it seemed the energy of the Lion and…

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