Hold me, please hold me, don’t let go
even when we’re so busy
our hands and minds full to correct
injustice overwhelming

With love and Grace we’ll make it through
-fugal to centripetal
We’re only here for a short while
working for life eternal

Σ’ αγαπώ πάρα πολύ ψυχή μου!
💖 Leon

“When buffaloes fight, it is the frogs that suffer”, goes a Greek saying inspired by the ancient fables of Aesop. In our case, a bureaucratic dispute between two European countries over the rightful taxation of my disabled mother’s moderate pension, has led to all hell breaking loose on the frogs, pardon, on my mother (a German national living for over 40 years in Greece) and me as her proxy. Faced with little assistance or outright denial from tax authorities in both countries, we are being asked to prove what should be clear and obvious. As it seems, European cooperation for the benefit of all citizens is still a far, far away dream. Es hat doch tatsächlich den Anschein, dass manche Kriege immer noch, wenn auch nur auf Papier, weitergeführt werden.

The fight has already been going on for months now. With no immediate end in sight. Some perspectives even looking bleaker than before, with the pandemic somehow leaving some irrational state demands unaffected and even raising new obstacles. Psychological and financial exhaustion are already knocking at our door. Still, giving up is not an option. Yet. We hope.

We are all centripetal after all. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, as goes Newton’s third law of inertia. Just as gravity causes you to exert a force on the ground, the ground appears to exert an equal and opposite force on your feet. When you are in an accelerating car, the seat exerts a forward force on you, just as you appear to exert a backward force on the seat. In the case of a rotating system, the centripetal force pulls the mass inward to follow a curved path, while the mass appears to push outward due to its inertia.
In each of these cases, there is only one real force being applied, while the other is only an apparent force.

Centripetal (centrum + petere) means “moving toward or striving after the centre”.
Centrifugal (centrum + fugere) means “proceeding out from or flying off the centre”.

The centrifugal force is fictitious, an apparent force that seems to be pushing us away from the centre of the circle of motion, only when we are part of a rotating system. We are parts of rotating systems as incarnate beings; we do identify ourselves as matter for a while.

The centripetal force is the only real one, the actual inward force that keeps us from going off on a tangent. We can actually never fly off our divine centre. We do proceed out from the Source, but it is only an illusion that we can flee away from it. We all sooner or later let this illusion disappear.

May all feel held; through all inadequacies, their own or those of others. On each stage of this sometimes foggy and painful journey of life, may all feel divinely held and blessed.

Beloved friends, brothers and sisters, for one more time we humbly ask for your prayers and good energy to sustain us, as we might have to refrain from posting or even liking from time to time, although we can’t imagine not keeping at least sporadically in touch with all of your beautiful works and posts which have been filling our soul with such light and joy. Thank you all from our heart.

In love and gratitude,
Leon and Plutonia

The stabilizing force

The stabilizing force we have
is simple as our breathing

Going through anything that throws us off
may we quickly remember

Thank you my God for this right here
Don’t know its use
but You do

When gratitude is less than this
our breathing gets constricted

Reverse the process
Be right here

Last breath then
will be graceful

Preparing stably
with God’s grace
is far from any hurrying

Let’s celebrate quietly now
Let’s be with each breath grateful


Deep joy to all

makes perfection
if we see with eyes of God

If we could, that is

We cannot

Grace by stages leads us Home

It takes diligence and patience
Progress then may well speed up
Be our vision ever Godward
Know we’re carried through the dark

Deep peace to you

Leon and Plutonia

Tackling its program



I find myself more and more teaching what seems most essential; to help people access intelligent and comfortable awareness. If this awareness becomes a steady orientation, it’s possible to live and grow in this personal world; here is a sense of safety with its fundamental goodwill. The tricky detail being that it is not personal; it’s before the personal conditions arise.

And this means that the sources of the programs and attitudes that become a person get revealed: dis-ease, restlessness and having to do something, or feeling guilty and inadequate that one isn’t doing (or in fact being) whatever it is that one should be – while not knowing what that is. Not that any of that is your fault. Essentially this dukkha (suffering) is not personal, not specific; and it isn’t resolved by doing anything other than tackling its program. It’s non-specific because its source is the pressurised space of one’s unsettled awareness. That then colours everything that the personality forms out of.

– Ajahn Sucitto


Our sinful mind separates

Our full-of-separation mind sins

Which causes which

Separation is only in the mind

We try to retrain our perception
while the very experiment of incarnating
has us perceiving from a fragmented perspective

There is no hurry
There is no time
Only the eternal now

At our ease now
Only in the moment

I love you my God

In everything

💜 Leon and Plutonia 💜