Child of the Universe, by Josephine Wall



Late-summer sunset on our hill

the earth so mellow-scented

the air so fragrant

bathes my soul

fills up my lungs

makes me explode

become the very air

get breathed in

through leaf pores

travel down branches

trunks so warm

roots wiggling

vibrant soil

and all the way back

up, up, hymning my way out

through all leaves of all trees

into the fading sunrays

caress the horizon

fly straight up


the sky‘s deepening hues

a prayer of stars

all through the night

the sparkling dewdrops

on daybreak meadows

the songbird melodies

the falling leaves

the chilly wind

the longer nights

the snow, the ice

the growing days

the budding spring

your sweet heart strings

tuned in to mine

mending our wings

healing all souls

Essence Divine

Forever Now

Forever Yours



Λέων for Πλουτωνία, during my military service in May 1994,

from a Greek prose poem I composed and lost back then,

relived and translated here from memory to celebrate all life

and nourish our psychosphere

as a preparation for

the March 8-9, 2016 Pisces Supermoon Solar Eclipse

on a massive Pisces stellium,

hence the magnificent Anthem below

by a Pisces North Node (like me), Sun and Mercury,

since-2011-retired-to-prioritize-his-health-and-family vocalist and songwriter.