About us

A soul whom we contacted for the validation of our then newborn site, wrote to us on the first days of 2014:

My first thoughts were to simply applaud the sublime eloquence and transparency of thought in your blog and leave it at that. Thereafter my more refined thoughts focused upon unravelling that which is articulated over that which can’t be seen, distilling the hidden into clearer resonance. Once completed and understood; I was more at ease with your vibration and therefore trust in your journey, yet would urge you both to be significantly more sparing of your energy/life force.

Therein; be sparing in your knowing, be sparing in your caring, be sparing in your reading and seeing and above all things remain rooted in your personal power. For that is your sentinel that is guiding you back into your remembering and it’s your remembering that will change all things and everything and for ever too. But that requires you to direct ALL of your energy accordingly.”

It took Leon several years to see the reality of these words.

All praises and glory to God alone.

Deep peace to you.

Leon and Plutonia

3 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hello brother Leon, so glad to read this again. I hope you and Plutonia are doing well. I hope I still exist somewhere in your kind hearts. I tried to send you an email but your email id seems to have been changed. I am studying in France with your blessings and will be visiting Greece very soon! Please contact me on my email if possible? I would love to hear from you and be in touch 🙂

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  2. So heartwarming to read that post from dear Plutonia. I had no idea. I send you both lots of love and all the good wishes. You both are very strong and beautiful souls and may the universe keep making things better for you.
    Warm regards,

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in quiet gratitude for God's love through us all

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