Death is the fear which tells you that you cannot, that you can’t take this anymore, that you are worthless.

Resurrection is Christ calling you to know your worth and to know that you can make it.

Death is the threat of despair which tells you that that’s it, you’re finished.

Resurrection is Christ telling you that nothing is finished, that all can begin anew, that you are eternal.

Death is the denial of life. The day-by-day killing of our moments.

Resurrection is Christ who offers abundant life, light and joy, who transforms daily routine into thanksgiving and deep gratitude for all we experience, for all we receive, for all that exists now and eternally.

Death is the fear of being ourselves.

Resurrection is our aligning with what God wants us to be and to become.

Death is being afraid to live because we might get hurt.

Resurrection is Christ telling you that every Cross can become Light, every trauma a miracle.

Live like there is no death.

Live before you die so that you don’t die when you die.

Tell yourself you’ll live through it all, even though you feel you’re dying; you are eternal.

You are afraid of death because you are unaware of Resurrection.

You are afraid of death because you tremble before life.

You are afraid of death because you do not honour your life.

Allow God to dream unto you victories and Resurrections.

Allow God to get you out of your tomb of fears; allow God to resurrect the yearning of your heart.

Believe that you can, that you deserve, that you want to taste the Joy of Resurrection.

Father Charalambos Libyos Papadopoulos