“How can I thank you for smiling at me like this? Got it! I will energize Eesho who is seated in your own heart!”
How can we thank you for expanding such love, dearest Krishna?


Blessings came to me in the form of a baby smile and kiss
I was going for an evening walk today
As I walked through the neighborhood, I saw this little one held by his grandma
I waved him “Hi” and smiled at him
His grandma was feeding him from a sippy cup
Seeing me smiling, he finished the sippy cup fast
He showed me how little birdie open its mouth
He greeted me “Eesho” with praying hands
I felt baby Jesus giving me greetings
Before I waved him Bye,
He hugged my face and gave a kiss on my cheek
It was a sweet, unexpected, angelic kiss

Thank you baby,
May Jesus bless you and family in abundance 😊❤

**Eesho – Jesus in Malayalam – A form of greetings used in prayers.

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