You are much bigger and more vast than that.

Love's Beginning

As you allow light to penetrate the layers of false concept sent to you by ego, it will become obvious to you what it means to believe an egoic thought. What ego truly offers you–unrest–will be uncovered and made obvious. As it is made obvious to you what it means to attach to an egoic thought–to say yes to a lack of peace, you will experience extremes of emotion. Remember that feeling is your easy and obvious guide.

What you are cannot be toppled by emotions–the back-and-forth experiences you give yourself with egoic thought. If what you are cannot be toppled or affected in any way by the experience of physical death that is the whole point of pretending to be a body, then what you are can never be toppled by a back-and-forth illusion. The intensity of the feelings that attachment to illusion brings, however, that is enough to…

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