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Νόστος, ναι όμορφές μας Αγάπες! … entirely free to appreciate … able to tune in and bask in the unity …

Love's Beginning

Keep your eyes off Other Guy’s copybook.

A personal note: For years I have heard my nonphysical friends giving me this advice, and I always thought “copybook” sounded quaint. I thought it was like a blue book for writing down exam responses. Only yesterday did I look it up.

A copybook is not a booklet for recording test answers. It is a booklet that already has everything in it for you. You simply trace over or copy what is already there. Each being has an effortless source of all they need to do right in front of them, and each being is given an effortless path to carry it out. Each being is entirely supported. It’s not a test, and it’s not a struggle.

It’s not that looking at Other Guy’s copybook is a wrongdoing; it’s that it confuses the hell out of you, every time. If you are peeking…

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