If I was given just a short space of time to impart what I feel
– ’tis most important – it again comes back to this thing:

If you were not,
the world would not be;
as far as you are concerned.

We are all experiencing a very unique world!
A world shaped by conditioning, identity, belief, habits, traditions…
But each one in a very
unique way; is experiencing.

So the world that you see,
is a
unique world picture
shaped in your own consciousness.

And if you are at the heart of your world,
and you really are clear within your self,
you can begin to change it;
if you wish to spend time.

But I would say
the most important thing
is to know who you are.

When you know who you are,
your world is changing

If you go out wanting to change things,
then you become an entity wanting to do

The blessing that comes from the Self,
shines upon everything.

If somebody is asking for help, for prayers or something,
then the prayer that goes out is not a particular…
“Oh,” you know, “this is George… I want to pray for George…”
Yes, it
can be this.
But just:

“Let goodwill happen there!
I send goodwill there;
everything there!”

I don’t have to get personal at all.
And that energy goes there.

So, you remember
that whatever it is that’s coming up
–either inside the body energetically, or
in the mind as thoughts and feelings,
or whatever, no?–
Don’t try and stop them.

Your duty is not to just stop them,
but to use them to remember
that you are the witness of them.

And that if you pay attention to the witness,
rather than the
things that are being witnessed,
you will
change the vibration of them.

Because they have come,
they must somehow serve the witness.

And the witnessing of them… witnessing of them…

At first we are looking at the thing, because it’s what everyone is doing in the world. This is at the heart of all our… –what do you call these things now… Facebook… and all this kind of stuff, and all, you know…– everything is about what the person is thinking and feeling. And it’s all external. And all unreliable. And very unfair, actually. Okay? So we are all reporting what we are seeing and what we think… and all la la la la la…
But we’re never reporting, you know,
“But wait a second; I am speaking like that because, you know,
I just broke up with my family, or my partner”,
and so on and so forth…
“So that is part of what I am sharing with you about the world I’m seeing!”

The saying is,
“I’m not seeing the world as it really is;
I’m seeing the world as I am at this moment”.

So you are perceiving that, but now I ask you:

You who are perceiving
(this very perceiving itself –okay?– is taking place)
but That which is Perceiving itself,
That which is Perceiving…
What is
That like?

Does the story live in the Perceiver?

And, immediately,
you will begin to feel

the environment
and the impact of
what you are seeing
is changed;
from the
object of perception,
to the sense of the
subject of perceiving.

The subject is more still… More quiet…

Then also, there is a change in the environment
and the climate becomes much more calm,
and more peaceful… Maybe agreeable…

But you still remember:
also is perceived.

So when That
also perceived…

By What is it perceived?




You are
in the Wordless…

You’ve come back…

Your eyes and your seeing
have returned to their Source;
mind has come back to the Source.

Many people are researching many, many, many things! Their research is researching all kinds of things.

But you are here to research one thing!
And That is even closer than intimacy!

I don’t even want to say It’s close.
It’s not even near.

It’s Here!

Who can research “Here”,
where even the researcher
gets absorbed in the discovery?

And neither the seeker,
nor the finder,
nor the thing found,
will exist There.

That sounds strange!
I’m just telling you how perfect it is!

You’re not going to die, physically,
but all that is not true in you,
will not accompany you.

Now, who is hearing me right now?

[Voices in sangha] Yes… Yes… Yes…

I’m looking at you guys on the screen too:

Mooji sangha 2020-07-05

That which permeates every form in the universe…

known and unknown…
conscious or unconscious…

without Which nothing can exist
or even appear to exist…

where neither truth nor false could even manifest…

That which alone is effortlessly unchangingly perfect…

Which even the mind denying it,
appears in it…

and That which we should totally fall in love with,
until the duality of love merges in the Oneness itself,
Which is the same as true love,
Which is the same as pure awareness…

So this is not a pep talk, you know?
Not a… you know… a little “let’s fan the flames only”…

I’m only pointing to
That which cannot be achieved even!

By whom would it be achieved?

We can only wake up from a sleep
that we are other than This.

And we must be consistent in our waking up;
we must love the waking up,

but don’t be attached to waking up.
Don’t be attached to waking up!

Very good.

[Looks at questioner who deeply gratefully looks at him.]

Leon transcribing Mooji