✨ The peace you crave for is ever within you. If you seek for it without, you will never have it anywhere. This is a great truth which very few realize.

✨ Surrender is the only way to peace. So, in all circumstances of life, submit to the will of God, and be free from the touches of worry and anxiety of every kind. All happen as determined by the Lord. Do not assert your will and expect everything to take place as you wish. Unpleasant situations are the common lot of mankind. Yours is to resign yourself to the Lord and remain unaffected by them.

✨ When the mind rests in peace by a complete self-surrender, the heart’s desire is realized without any delay. The longing ceases by a perfect self-abandonment, and then no time is lost for its fruition. This is the secret of realization.

✨ The one predominant hunger of the soul is for absolute peace and bliss. You can have this peace and bliss only when your mind rests on the bosom of the Infinite Reality. So, a constant contemplation or thought of the great Truth whose attributes are immortal bliss and peace can alone completely satisfy the yearning of the soul. Direct, therefore, all the forces of your mind and intellect towards the All-merciful Lord of the universe, and put yourself entirely into His hands. There is no path easier than self-surrender. He who trusts the Almighty never comes to any harm. This is the rule of God that knows no exception. Do therefore walk the path of pure and simple devotion. Be conscious that the Lord seated in your heart is your all-powerful protector. Keep Him ever in your remembrance. Tune your thought and life with His radiant existence, and thus permit His divine energy to flow into you and transform your life into one of peace and joy. Don’t give yourself away to dejection, doubt and despair.

✨ To experience the stillness of the all-pervading Spirit who is at once the witness of this world of manifestation and the world-manifestation itself, is to realize God in His all-inclusive nature and being. Behold Divinity everywhere. Rise above all conditions and dwell ever in union with the immortal Truth who has become all. Everything is His doing because all, all is He alone. Ramdas has nothing beyond this to tell you. Realize that you and all beings, creatures and things in the world are utterly divine.

✨ It is absolutely of no avail for a man to bewail over his worldly lot and his unstable attachments to worldly friends. Seek the true life in God, and the friendship of the Eternal – the highest; both are everlasting. The real peace can never come to the share of man so long as he thinks that the adjustments of external life can grant him happiness. Disappointment and misery must be his lot wherever he be. Take thought and know once for all that real freedom and peace lie only in the close communion with the immortal Truth dwelling in your heart. Take complete refuge in God through constant remembrance of Him, and thus be content in all situations He places you. Don’t embitter your life with thoughts of worry and care. Make God your friend and aid. Once you become His, He never gives you up. He takes you to the seat of immortality and bliss. This is the way and there is no other.

✨ True it is that until a man or a woman has found in his or her heart the beloved Lord of the universe, there can be no real peace and liberation for the struggling soul. Therefore, feel always that the divine Presence is ever with you and in you. Let the stream of His remembrance flow continuously in your mind, and may you attain the supreme blessedness of perfect union with Him.

Glimpses of Divine Vision, A compilation of significant utterances of Swami Ramdas culled from his letters to the devotees all over India and abroad, pp. 55-60

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