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Ramana Maharshi’s first attendant, Palaniswami, had brought a copy of Ribhu Gita to his attention. Later in life, Ramana related how surprised he was at the time to hear an exact description of his own state recited in the Ribhu Gita and that it had been experienced by others as the bliss of the Self sought after by all true seekers. Ramana attributed unique value to it as being a lucid exposition of Supreme Truth. He quite often referred to it in his talks with devotees and seekers. He even stated that if one would repeatedly study Chapter 26 of the Ribhu Gita, one could spontaneously pass into the state of sahaja samadhi, or the natural state of true Self-realization.

Abide as That

Agraïment per [aquesta recomanació], estimat Joan Carles,
and specifically for [this chapter], dearest Krishna.