Yes, if duality
must still be perceived:
only reflections of truth
or invitations to healing.

Love's Beginning

True healing is of the mind. If a body seems to heal or a situation seems to improve, this is only a reflection of the mind’s healing. If a body seems to be not healed or a situation seems to be bad, we encourage you to drop any judgments about what you think you see. Every situation is an invitation to healing, and all healing is of the mind.

When you can get your mind off the physical and its seeming cause and effect, miracles can do their work. When you think the physical has some significance, and when you are locked into repetitive patterns of cause and effect, this is ego’s tight net of thought that blocks Love from correcting your perceptions. The tightest net, however, still has holes. The ego cannot entirely block out Love because it depends upon its power. Because Love is the only power there…

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