Your inner peace is here and remains eternally yours. You brought it here with you when you came unto Earth. A lot has apparently happened since then. Desires, hopes, opinions and especially judgments have forced themselves between you and the inner peace. So the door to this space of peace in you has been concealed, covered by the encampment of loud and hungry companions you yourself have invited to deny your access to the Truth. You have set out to prove yourself right, you have been pronouncing others blameworthy and so on, all of which has created anything but happiness for you.

It is not significantly important to keep meeting new people or searching for them in the world, others in whom you hope to find the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes, connecting with them and expecting from them what you seemingly cannot offer yourself.

What is of extraordinary importance, though, is that you spiritually reconcile with each person you have met so far. Especially when an initial appreciation or love has deteriorated into judgmental ways of relating which have left you both perceiving yourselves as separate from each other. Every person you have taken offence at in any way in your life, will keep appearing before you again and again in various forms and guises, until you forgive; until, that is, you look beyond what due to ignorance has previously made you feel annoyed, frightened, angry or sad. Only then will these encounters end, or get wonderfully transformed. Only then will you beyond all doubt, silently, recognize in the other the brother, the sister and ultimately the child of God, because the other now serves you as a mirror in which you lovingly perceive yourself.

Luxus Lazarz translated by Leon Hieros

the open door