Applying gratitude to drama. Listen to what dearest Betty has to say. Quietly and abundantly APPLY, dearest ones 💛🙏


On the drive to visit my Mother, we stopped at a motel to spend the night. Two days later, I could not find the bag with my medications and supplements. I had several days worth of pills in my purse, so had not noticed it was missing earlier. We searched the truck, we searched the bedroom, we searched the truck again with no results. I panicked. What could I do? My son called the motel. The bag had not been turned in. They searched the room to be sure it hadn’t been overlooked by the maid, but it was not there. I went round and round in my mind, looking for a reason for such an experience. So many things surfaced…so many feelings to face and clear. That night, as I did my meditation, I asked, “What am I trying to see here regarding the loss of my bag of…

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