Love's Beginning

Let’s explore the idea of responsibility today. Responsibility is often viewed with the idea of heaviness or burdens. The idea of accumulation, of increasingly heavier and complex burdens, often accompanies the idea of responsibility. The idea of fault is sometimes used synonymously with the idea of responsibility. When responsibility is seen as relatively empowering, it is often seen as a quality that some superior ones have and other inferior ones do not have.

Allow us to redefine responsibility so you can be aware of the every-moment power that is available to you, the every-moment power that you are. You are always completely responsible for your experience. There is never a moment when you are not responsible or only partially responsible. This is good news.

Responsibilities are not separate things that are piled upon you. Responsibility is your inherent, always-there, always-alive, always-active ability, an ability that never wavers (but that can…

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