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✨ Your body and your brain works at its best, only when your stomach is empty.

✨ Any correction and purification that needs to happen in the body, your stomach needs to be empty. It’s very very important. Otherwise, the purification at the cellular level will not happen.

✨ Health is not something you can do from outside. Health is something you have to do from within.

✨ Minimum eight hours gap is what is recommended in yoga; between one meal and the next meal, there must be an eight-hour space. If you do this, you will see half your problems of health –whatever you have, health problems– minimum fifty percent will go in six weeks time.

✨ If you do certain other things, which may right now seem a little extreme to you, if you have a little yogic practice, something meditative within you, then you will see, ninety percent of your problems will go away. Ten percent, if it still persists, can be treated.