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God's Giggle

[reading from her letter]
“I finally understood, God does not seek happiness. She is already happiness and she’s sitting with that eternally. So all her spontaneous manifestations are just doing that. Celebrating happiness.
But even to speak about manifestations or creation, is not right. If all is one, and if creation is nothing apart from its Creator, we cannot speak at the same time about both of them without falling into paradoxes or circular logic. The like of, when you understand the truth about happiness, you understand that you’ve always been happy. And this can be confusing. But now it’s much clearer. So thank you.”

Yes… Ah… Paradoxes or circular logic
sometimes are that which is to be kōan… kōans in ancient China.

You see… If you say something like:
The totality is in everything”;
to one who is open to it,
these words may trigger some understanding;
may trigger a revelation; deep revelation.

But to somebody else, who analyses them logically, he says,
“Well, that’s obvious” or “That’s trivial” or “That’s circular”
or “That’s a tautology”…
Or, just as Voltaire once quipped upon hearing that
the totality is in everything, or something like that…
he quipped:
“And conversely!”
To make fun of it!
And to show that logically it didn’t make sense.

And yes, if you remain at the logical level,
I’m fully aware of the circularity of it, or of the triviality of it…
But, nevertheless, that may also… these words like that may also go…
… penetrate deeper, and trigger some understanding.

OK. So then she goes:
“When you say that ultimately we all seek happiness, is that but a pedagogical use of language?”

[Looking at the letter in gentle disbelief for a short while, then abruptly looking up]
It’s the truth!
It’s obvious!
Ask yourself what it is that you seek…
And, can you say that you seek anything else in every day,
than happiness? In every of your action…
Even when you clear your throat…

And she goes:
“And could you speak about the role of Pointing, when considered in the context of God’s hide-and-seek celebratory game?”

[sweetly amused]
It’s part of it…!
That’s the role of Pointing.
It’s part of “God’s hide-and-seek celebratory game”.

The Pointing is like…
… when you played hide-and-seek
with your little sister, or little friend, or little boyfriend…
Aaand… he or she was hiding somewhere, and you were to seek her…
… sometimes you hear a little giggle…
[childlike laughter from Francis and audience]
that reveals their position.
So, the Pointing is the giggle of God.

Francis Lucille transcribed by Leon Hieros