smiling angel

I love me unlimitedly
I love you unlimitedly
What happened with us till this moment is past
What is here now at this time is true
That which is gonna happen is a dream
That which is happening now though true is also a dream
Then, why fret and fume dear one?
This is all Almighty’s colorful drama
We are the actors acting per his direction
Shhh…..close the eyes and look within
Almighty, the dearest of dearest is here
Always here in the hearts of ours
Don’t worry about those who leave us
Don’t worry about those who misunderstands us
Bring the focus within the heart and see the Lord
The lord, our Almighty won’t leave us ever
He loves, cares and stands for us ever
What we need is to accept the presence and trust
Hey, it is easy to trust the one who is always in us,

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