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My God, the timing of this… It’s the dead of night here, and three large stray dogs in a killing frenzy just hunted down one of the precious cats that live around our building, her lifeless body visible now from our balcony, my beloved wife in shock by the horror she heard through our bathroom window, me praying for all our lights.
Thank you so much Aria Bella and all our Angels!
Do we have time for anything but Divine love, dear ones, through anything and everything we do?

Aria-Bella Rises


Send out love to everyone… We mean EVERYONE.

Love isn’t a condition on everyone doing what we think they should do, be, act.

Love in it’s purest form, is loving everyone in spite of that. And that can be a tough pill to swallow. It makes sense to hate on those doing wrong.

To turn our nose at anything we don’t personally like. But we are doing the whole of mankind a favour if we can send love to everyone and everything.

Your Angels do not decide to unlove you if you make a mistake or do something wrong, because they wholly know you are still worth loving despite anything you may do. That your soul will always remain pure.

It doesn’t mean condoning shitty behaviour or giving permission to do bad stuff.

It is not ignoring or letting it slip. It can hurt us more to have hate in…

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