Gems of Heaven

Stell dir vor, hinter dir ist ein Engel, der dich mit seinem Licht bestrahlt, so dass bald all deine Zellen zu strahlen beginnen und du bald selbst so strahlst wie dieser Engel. Dann stell dir ebenso hinter anderen Menschen ihre Engel vor. Auch sie strahlen dann im Licht ihrer Engel-Natur. Die Engel erwachen! Du trägst dazu bei!

Now see this in your mind’s eye. Standing behind you is an angel who permeates you with his light, so that all your cells begin to glow, so that you yourself start shining as brightly as this angel. Now in the same way, see all other people with their angels at their backs. How they too radiate the light of their angelic nature. The angels are awakening! You play a part in this!

Rolf Meister translated by Leon Hieros

My heart brother Rolf
was a gem from Heaven
Now he IS a gem IN Heaven

His wife in this journey, our dearest Marina Kaiser,
published his above lines after his beloved soul crossed the veil

So grateful to God for both of you, Rolf und Marina, and for us all

Rolf Meister als Kind, as a child

Veil Crossing, by Julie Rogers

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