(Vritra’s prayer)

Oh remover of all ignorances, may I be born again and again as a servant of servants of your devotees who surrendered themselves at your lotus feet. May my mind always remember your glories, and my body and speech always serve you.

I am not interested in any of the worldly pleasures or greatest positions or in having control over the universe or being emperor of all elements or getting any occult yogic powers or attaining liberation. May I always remember you without missing any moment.

Like a baby bird who helplessly cries to see its missing mother, like a calf tied away from mother cow crying hungry for milk, like a loving wife who is eagerly waiting for her husband who has gone somewhere, my mind (heart) too is eager for seeing you, my lord with beautiful lotus eyes!

Due to the actions of my previous births, even though I may be caught in cycle of birth and rebirth, may I be blessed to be in the company of your devotees who recite your glories and whose hearts are always filled with you. Due to your illusive power, I may be born and get attached to my body, have relationship with spouse and children and material things, but with your grace, please bless me to be in the company of your devotees and keep my heart fixed on you.

Thus ends the Vritrasura Chathusloki (Vritra’s prayer)
in canto 6, chapter 11 of Srimad Bhagavatham.

Copyrighted translation from Sanskrit
by dearest Krishna Priya