through our hands

Today I would like to invite you to a short and comforting, “handy” meditation:

Lovingly wrap and hold your left thumb with your right hand.

Now it lies safe and protected, like a child in the womb, inside your other hand.

Now feel how gently your left hand enfolds and maybe also warms the back of your right hand.

In this way you can use your physical senses to readily experience being held, and lovingly holding. You can be shifting your awareness through this trinity of levels, focusing your perception interchangably on your left thumb, on your right hand, and then on the whole of your left hand.

The left thumb: Your inner child

The right hand: Your whole personality, your conscious self

The left hand enfolding everything: The Divine

You are everything at the same time:

the one who protects your inner child, and

the one who is always kept safe by your divine Self.

And so you can be reflecting upon your wholeness very simply, by feeling your left thumb, your right hand, your left hand, and circling again as needed; connecting with your inner child, your conscious self, and the Divine, all rolled up in one sweet, easy and effectively healing meditation.

A relaxing day in the safety of your Being

wish you wholeheartedly

all levels of

Marina (copyright)

and Leon (translation)

💙 💛 💜