If one completes his allotted karma for that life, he will die; just like that; without disease, without accident, without any injury. When one dies simply, like that, that person may find another body within hours. This is why in this tradition always they said, if one completes his life and dies peacefully, it’s the best way to die, because he need not hang around; immediately it goes on.

Now, when you walk the spiritual path, the ultimate goal for every spiritual seeker is, he wants to break this whole process. Or otherwise, to use an analogy, we can say what you call as my soul right now is like a bubble. The outer periphery of the bubble is your karmic structure. Inside, there is air. Suppose you blow the bubble, you burst the bubble… Where is the air? Where is your air? There is no such thing as your air; it’s become part of everything.

So what you call as soul, is fictitious, because there is no such thing as your soul and my soul and somebody else’s soul. Right now, this unboundedness is contained in the limited karmic structure, so it makes you believe as if this is a separate entity. If you take away the keys which hold the karmic structure, then it just collapses. So this afterlife, next birth… don’t believe all this nonsense, but right now if you sit here and just close your eyes, you can clearly see, more than this body you are, isn’t it?