“The time to retreat into separate and conflicting personalities is over. You need no protection from what you perceive to be the other. Now it is time to join in healing.” 💞 🌞

Love's Beginning

To recognize Divine Will is to face fear. The only fear you could truly have is of love. Every fear you have is about the punishment you believe you will suffer because you have done something wrong. You can only think something can go wrong if you think you did wrong and the anticipated negative experience is your punishment.

You are in charge. You all are Spirit, and you have dominion over what you experience. You can experience deep and never-ending happiness, It is always within your reach. Paradoxically, you experience the truth of your being in charge of your experience when you allow the deeper truth of what you are to take charge. So it seems at first as if you allow something other than what you are to take charge, but you are inseparable from that thing. You only let go of what you never were.

We will…

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