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Listen to the secret sound,

the real sound, which is inside you.

The one no one talks of,

speaks the secret sound to himself,

and he is the one who has made it all.

~ Kabir


Wherever a human being becomes silent by his own nature –not schoolteacher silence, not plugging-your-ears silence– if you become silent by your own nature, the sound AUM will reverberate in the system, because the root sound for your physical existence is the sound AUM. When AUM reverberates, it starts just beneath the navel and ends at the tip of your nose. This reverberation will just happen by itself. So wherever a human being truly sat quietly, utter quietness within himself, he always became aware of the sound AUM.

You open your mouth and say AAA; gently close your mouth, it becomes uuu; you close it, it becomes MMM.

The sound AUM has innumerable benefits. Daily utterance of AUM, for a few minutes a day, will be truly transformational for you. Within a couple of weeks you can notice a phenomenal difference in the way you function. Because this is the basic sound in the physical existence.