I don’t want your love. I want the same Love you want.

I don’t want your love. I want what you want and we can find It together and share our deepening experience of It.

I thought it was your love I wanted and it hurt so much when you couldn’t give it. I even made a bargain that if I gave it to you, I could expect it back. I thought you agreed to this bargain. I thought you were part of the deal. I lived in fear that your love would disappear. I moved so deeply into the veil.

Now I hear within me the whispering of something else. I feel the possibility of a Love that has nothing to do with you – an infinite resource that is always there. This Love is not affected by any condition, nor does it change in the stream of time. It is the same Love whether my body is strong or weak, whether I am rich and bountiful in material things or whether I am poor. It is not affected by things of this world. This is the Love that brings release. This is the Love that dissolves chains. This is the Love that brings peace. This is the only Love I want. It releases you, my friend, from all our contracts.

~ Stephen Schwartz, from Compassionate Presence