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You know

when strays
are just so kind?

How it feels when
in the dark of night
you take the garbage out
and they greet you as family,
even when you cannot feed them,
even they who do not come close anymore
because they are dying and withdraw
so that you don’t have to feel their pain?

How serene the thought sometimes
of leaving
your last breath curled-up
among such gentle fellow creatures
who harbour no accusations against anyone,
whom no noise stops from purring:

It is all between each one of us and God…

Thank you for allowing me to see you
from the enormity of our one love…

We are all uncomfortable with our existential aloneness
before its acceptance can lead us into true togetherness.

We are all strays.

Until we see we are Eternity,
we are all strays from it.

All fellow beings of God, non-verbal or verbal,
start acting more and more healingly and kindly
we have started truly meeting them in stillness.
And stillness doesn’t have to be
their forte at all.

But we have to meet our Self in silence first.

And that requires us to direct ALL of our energy accordingly.
No more wasting time with time-wasting things.

Gentleness with ourselves when we fall short
of any internal or external expectations.

Knowledge that we are always
Loved and watched over


God bless you friends.
Thank you for our
shared music of

we are all strays