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“There was a pastor in Ohio who had a heart surgeon that went to his church, and one of the things that this pastor wanted to do, is he wanted to see a heart surgery take place.

And when the day of the surgery came, they roll the patient in, and they begin to cut her chest cavity open, they took her heart out, and they begin to repair it.

One of the things they do, is they have to restart the heart again before they close the chest cavity. And, as they begin to do the procedures to restart the heart, the heart wouldn’t start.

Finally, the doctor did something so… out of textbook… and not written down… it’s just something that… you really don’t do…

And he got down on his knees and he said:

Mrs. Johnson? This is your doctor.‘ He said, ‘We have fixed your heart. We have repaired… there’s Nothing wrong with your heart. Mrs. Johnson, if you can hear me, I need YOU to tell your heart to beat again.

And her heart began to beat.

And why do I share this story with you? Because the Great Physician has fixed your heart and my heart. But I find it interesting that sometimes we allow the voice of the enemy to whisper louder than the voice of our Father. It seems like some of these voices tell us that ‘You know what? That situation, we’ll never recover from,’ or ‘What that person did, we can never forgive again.’ But I’m here to let you know that you can forgive again, you can get back up again, you can move forward with your life, and you don’t have to walk with a limp. It’s simply like this doctor said to this lady. This lady had to come to an agreement. The heart was repaired. God has fixed your problem. Your heart is fixed. But you have to come to an agreement with God.

You now look at my story, now look how I went through loss [Danny is referring to the loss of his wife] and how to get myself back up. When I look at the pain of my past, it doesn’t sting like it used to. But I look back and I see… ‘Look what the Lord has done…‘ and I know God wants to do the same for you.

I want you to begin to hope again. He wants you to believe again, He wants you to trust again. The Great Physician, our Father, through Jesus, wants You to tell your heart to beat again.”