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“Weihnachten Heute” (“Christmas Today”)  💜 💜 💜

Cleaning in a state of constant prayer

“We have the cleanest building ever now, thanks to you!” God bless those neighbors, and everyone else.


Not a mopping being…


… just a mopping experience


since this July,

with no end in sight,

for no reward but the

snail-like cutting-down

of our community debt

that had been growing

and growing

for years.


How else


our angels

be asked to start

blessing through me

me seemingly just toiling

outside closed apartment doors

people who had been feeling higher

on the crumbling social ladder

by judging others

all these blessed

tortured years?


Spiritual beings

having human experiences

in a state of constant prayer.


How else?



Three years online today

Glowing with gratitude for

all our heavenly and earthly friends

💜 💜 💜


💜 💜 💜