Lethe in Greek Mythology was the Goddess of Oblivion; her name, Λήθη, actually means “oblivion”. She was a daughter of the Goddess Night and she gave her name to one of the five rivers of Hades, the River Lethe. Whenever someone died and their souls went to the Underworld, the realm of Hades, Άδης, literally “The Unseen”, they had to drink from her water so they would forget their former lives when they were reborn.



This privative alpha

explains why we are here,

whatfrom our liberation.


Language, Myth, Truth are indeed one,

leading us home, back to One.


The goddess Lethe leads back

to Aletheia, our natural divine state,

only after we traverse Hades the Unseen,

to one of whose five rivers Lethe gave her name.


Joachim Patinir’s Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx (oil on wood, c. 1515–1524), depicts Charon transporting a soul to the gates of Hades on the river Styx which leads into the deepest part of the Underworld. Having been given the choice to decide between Heaven or Hell, the human soul in the boat ultimately chooses his next destiny by looking toward Hell and ignoring the angel on the river-bank hill in Paradise who beckons him to the more difficult path to Heaven. Up on the left side, we see the fountain of Paradise, the spring from which the river Lethe flows through Heaven.


was born by Eris,

goddess of strife and discord,

who had been born by Nyx, goddess of night.




gave birth to discord,

who could not but bear forth oblivion.


Before we shed a mortal garment

and get presented with the prospect

of entering a new one,

let us Remember:


No authentic nurturers of Light

guide us to embodiment agreements

based on past pain, unfulfilled desires,

responsibility for deeds we did not commit.


Breaking the parasite-feeding cycle

is in God’s hands working through us.


All forgetfulness dissolves

when we allow Divine Wisdom

to awaken our inherent sacred sovereignty,

freeing our powerful souls to the Truth.


This is what Τruth, Αλήθεια means:

the end of forgetfulness, the recovering

from Λήθη’s memory-wiping waters;



of our Divine Essence.


Leon of SolitaryThinkers From Hades to Light, November 2016