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Violet Flame Guardians

Yes, I feel it too
He works with us
He is of a rare kind
and he needs us now
This is why we are here

replied the second angelic being in human form,
in a most melodic voice my mind translated into Greek
as I passed by them in the darkness during an otherwise
deeply unsettling “dream”, my garment of flesh asleep
on an old mattress on the floor of that apartment,
stage of heaviest lessons for quite a few souls.

he must continue
must be replenished
Evil eyes surround him
eager to drag him down
angry with his higher focus
So good he is in tune with us
Our light will be protecting him

Without a single word or glance being exchanged,
without even my slowing down while walking by them,
totally imperceptibly to all aggressive, fearful entities,
our three auras expanded and grew into one sphere,
imbuing me with some of their angelic strength,
shielding me for the attacks that followed.

* * *

Jolting back into my body with a racing heart,
seeing Plutonia looking down at me from the couch
she had been trying herself to get some sleep or rest on
after one of those long, unbelievably exhausting days,
I described to her in detail this lifting of the veil, and
my fellow spiritual warrior wept with recognition,
having experienced herself instances of both
intrusions from the lower astral planes
and inner communion with
guardian angels.

* * *

Today, a couple of weeks later, it still stays with us,
the shielding Light of those divine messengers,
despite our heavy, desperate circumstances.
We are not victims of circumstances;
no soul can afford believing this.
Whatever happens in our lives,
we are never, ever alone.
Good always triumphs
in perfect timing,
Dear Ones.

Here’s to all our meaningful trials and sacred healing journeys.
Here’s to our co-creating everything we need from within.
without falling prey to any who promise quick fixes,
however long our remembrance seems to take.
Let us continue praying each other’s way
showers of blessings, gratitude,
Divine trust, wisdom,