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Genuinely happy

doesn’t actually mean

they always have to smile.

You don’t see them around, for

they don’t have enough to go around.

Homelessness looming over their heads.

they still share your building so gratefully.

You’re struggling middle class, they outcasts,

their endless effort cancelled out by sabotages

so heavy you don’t have the nerve to listen to.

You cannot handle how they make ends meet.

You’d rather share more reasonable challenges.

So you prefer accusing them of avoiding you,

of being too anything to change their lives.

They are among the ones who change all,

and exactly therefore they could never

live up to this world’s expectations,

now not even to your stereotypes

of the servitude of poverty.

They’ve been serving more

than you can imagine.

Their humility is

too authentic

to be accepted

as readily as the

power they exude,

so gentle and yet scary,

because it makes you ponder

that under this load of theirs,

you would be crushed for sure.

Alien to your alliances, they seem

lost in the abode of Hades and yet

glowing with enviable brightness.

So easy to keep stepping on them,

guiltlessly increasing their debts,

saying you do hope for their best,

that somehow they (o paradox)

find some decent jobs and be

paying even more taxes,

keep the system alive,

become integrated,

or, preferably,







Too aged

anyway now

to become normal,

functional cogs of your

Protestant-imbued society

whose fakeness sickens you

with fear-based metaphysics.

But the system works for you.

They are Not here to destroy it,

but regardless of their intention,

it’s them, its rejects who threaten

your worldview in a silent way,

the economy with loud collapse.

Your reflection in them’s weird,

their mirror here for a reason.

Do they ever force it on you?

Don’t they applaud your

ensuring the survival

of you and yours?

Your children

are theirs,




they will feel

no schadenfreude

if your turn comes

to be in their shoes.

Freude for them is

too deep an ode,

a constant like

their breath,

and one day

your soul

will sing

it too.



you disregard,

talk behind their back

and even feel jealous of

genuinely happy people,

know it is deep suffering

they have been transmuting

that makes them appreciative

of the purpose of everything,

every good or bad thing

in Everyone’s life.

Their breath is

not of this







but They

are happy,

because They

are the ones who

Genuinely happy - Great breath

know it;







live it.

This is how

they manage

to be breathing

in this illusion.

You always share

their every breath.

Why not make yours

a blessing for them too?

Open to higher consciousness

and transform this world in Love.

Bow to the divinity in one another

and be genuinely happy.

It is time.

A good time

for spreading sacredness.

Leon From Hades to Light, Summer of 2016

Genuinely happy - Higher Self