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A translated poem with some visual art
and a live performance by two of our
most beloved Greek musical artists.

Translated transcript of the beginning of the video below:

Show presenter Spyros Papadopoulos:
“Errr… the Maestro, where is he? I’m looking for Stefano Korkoli; yes. Theeere he is! He wants to makes a grand entry, got it? Come on, buddy!” (Laughs. Stefanos enters and heads for the piano, while everyone else walks off to leave just the two of them on stage.)

Tenor vocalist Mario Frangoulis:
“Yes; this is a song by Paraskevas Karasoulos, written on a poem of his I mean, a song that has really marked me, since the music was written by Stefanos of course, and a song that, errr, I’d say describes my whole life. Stefane…”

Οι Αποσκευές

Translated transcript of the end of the video below:

Mario Frangoulis:
“Bravo, Stefane… Stefanos is really one of my most favourite contemporary composers, whose feeling becomes their music, and music is all of their feeling. And so, he describes me completely; as a musician, as a human being, and as a friend… Thank you, Stefane…”