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The Mirror Principle

There once was a canine, a bitter lone small dog who roamed through the beauty of India. He reaches a palace, so awesome it sparkles, seems empty, let’s see what this place hides. He’s never seen mirrors, all walls here are mirrors, his selves gather, eyes fixed on him. What are all these strangers, oh boy, I hate strangers, they couldn’t care less about me. They piss me off, I see red, I’m barking my lungs out, I know they will fear, they’ll surrender. It’s me or it’s them now, just watch who’s the toughest, I’ll bark, I’ll go mad, they should stop soon. He barks and he froths and he fights, shows his worth, they still hate him, the eyes do tell all. What more can I do now, they look so distraught, but I don’t think they’ll ever give in. He went on and on, till his breath lost all strength, till his soul’s light so dim left this world.

Years later a new dog, a sweet lonely doggy, found his way to this same old palace. Astounded, so happy, like crazy he whimpers, Friends FRIENDS friends! Friends FRIENDS friends! Friends FRIENDS friends! Look at them! They love me like I do, tails wagging, jumps, rolling, what more can you ask for to stay strong! I feel like a puppy, so free to live life now, spread joy, make this WHOLE world shine bright!

Leon Hieros, April 2016