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TheCryYouHear-ReincarnationCyclesThe cry you hear is not yours.
It is not you talking; it is innumerable
ancestors that talk with your mouth. It is not
you who desires; it is innumerable generations of
descendants who feel life’s longing with your heart.
Your dead do not lie in the ground; they have become
birds, trees, air. You sit under their shade, you are
nourished by their flesh, you inhale their breathing.
They have become ideas and passions, and
they determine your will and your actions.
The future generations do not move
in some uncertain time,
far away from you;
they live,
they act
in your heart.

Your first duty is to feel within you all your ancestors.
Your second, to throw light on their onrush and to continue their work.
Your third duty is to pass on to your children
the great mandate to surpass you.

Nikos Kazantzakis’s quote translation
and whispering recording (click on image below to hear it),
© Leon of SolitaryThinkers, Samhain 2015