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Our halogen heater already working overtime

Our censored Hellenic sky

Tornado in Athens!

Autumn'sPsssetIn_BobRossCirrusMemeAutumn'sPsssetIn_AsthmaticChildOur skies they censor, make us sick,

believe they own, control us.

Forgive them. Fear not. Our Light heals.

Love breaks all chains; works For us.

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Leon of SolitaryThinkers,
October 2015


[Sleepstream] are a deeply atmospheric post-rock band from my hometown. The bassist who opens the following video, is also a mechanical engineer. With his gifted hands and creative mind, he repaired our old refrigerator in 2012 and it’s still going strong, thankfully; we couldn’t afford a new one. Bless you John; I looked familiar to you because we grew up by the same waterfront listening to the same music. We’d be brothers and bandmates, had my external life not always been [so unlivable]. We still dream up together a freer, more humane world.

Pre-flight / The Sail of Mary Celeste / They Flew in the Censored Skies / Cirrus Formed Antennae / The Nacre Top of The Sky / Chemtrail Borders I / Chemtrail Borders II / Lucy’s Dream’s An Overdose / Cycle 24. These are the nine superb tracks of Sleepstream’s sophomore album (please buy [here]) entitled They Flew in Censored Skies. A majestically melancholic work from these transcendental activists who through their lyrically powerful music express the ongoing heavy suffering of Greece and not only; we all fly in censored skies.

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