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Glory Hallelujah!

An amazing financial miracle took place yesterday for a precious friend, a struggling and highly deserving soul sibling we have been enfolding in full-hearted prayers for their agonizing condition to change, the two of us as part of a group of synchronizing lightworking souls.

This friend won their court case unexpectedly even for their attorney, and although it will take some time for their payments to begin, they feel like reborn and now they enfold us themselves in unspeakable love and happiness!

They sent us a multiple-recipients message where they say to us all:

I believe our creator knew that I needed to have a definite answer today in order to continue surviving my current living situation until the official word comes down. Thank you all for the loving support, the prayers, and the positive vibes. We can work miracles together and today is proof of our combined strength.

Dear One, it is not wise for even your blogging identity to be revealed here. Do trust your Scorpionic Brother and Plutonic Sister who feel that you must be kept protected, your enthusiasm hidden, your soul strong to endure what you must until the beginning of this winter. We have no doubt that each member of this soul group agrees with this need for a quiet celebration and understands that this is partly why comments are closed for this post.

And partly because we are now kindly asking all of you to focus all your energies on drastically changing our own circumstances. It is time.

Our situation here is getting more precarious every day. We urgently need to pay off all our accumulated-and-still-accumulating-by-the-global-misanthropic-system debts (money is not their food, our souls are, so we are not feeding them at all), to make sure that our bedridden mother(-in-law) is taken good care of in a decent nursing home, to remove ourselves from the lives of those totally destructive relatives after paying them for services they have provided for their own blackmailing purposes, and to leave this falling-apart, hellward driven country as soon as possible, passing on its undying-inside-us sacredness from elsewhere.

All of this depends on money.

And the tragic truth is: there is no money for us to expect in any protestant-ethic-compliant way. No way we can find a job here. No allowance we are entitled to. No sort of pension we will ever have the right to for the monetarily insignificant wealth we have been producing as intellectual workers. No family inheritance other than debts. Not even any charity for us, once the little money we have runs out.

The time is ripe for our own back pay, as we have been humbly awakened to the necessary levels of wisdom to make a new beginning. What has been seeming as a colossal injustice or at the least a bookkeeping error on the Universe’s part, has served its purpose well by promoting our humility and our dedication to serving and uplifting our fellow travellers through this life, a soul purpose we cannot fulfill unless we survive physically. What we need is what we know can well come, but we cannot attract it on our own because of the disproportionate hostility directed against us and all the dark agendas that block our energies. What we need is a large sum of money through a lottery win. Our middle-aged lives are so neglected that require serious physical and mental recovery from the stresses of our long suffering, but we don’t have the temporal luxury of investing in our health. Even with a generous back pay, we will still be faced with dizzying amounts of heavy-responsibility karmic-clean-up work on many levels, but we will at least finally be able to start having some perspective of moving on, slowly recuperating, developing our skills and applying our experience constructively. We trust that the Divine will break through all the layers of money-laundering corruption in the only lottery company here, because we need a large sum of money through a lottery win now.

All we lovingly ask you to do, beloved people, is listen to this specially attuned music, get immersed in its beauty (you can close your eyes, as there is nothing but this static image in the following video) and allow this wonderful energy to flow our way for our material deprivation to be removed. Let us make this happen!

Until you hear from us again, please trust that we are safe and strong. Solitude is the homeland of the strong; silence is their prayer, said Ravignan. We keep our sanity by praying for you ourselves, reverently waiting for our spring, when the Sun’s warmth sprouts our seeds. You keep your soil moist now, for mustard seeds of faith are sprinkled over each one of us, and do not ever get fooled by any illusions into forgetting that we are miracles incarnate.

Blessed be your paths always!
Yours in Love and Light,
Leon and Plutonia

Leon and Plutonia
are about to receive
a large sum of money.”

Dear Ones.
Here we go:

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