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Beloved David of Vancouver Visions honored me with a nomination for a wonderful challenge I cannot pass on due to our circumstances (on top of everything else, we are targets of the most horrible blackmail by a cousin who has set his sights on taking advantage of us), but David uplifted me so much on Day 2, that he inspired me to create and offer you a threefold sequence of image quotes.

Let your soul listen beyond the words, see beyond the images, ride beyond the waves of this music, and you will feel the following extracts from three different works of the same transcendentalist harmonizing into the One majestic cycle of our divine incarnations and light connections, awakening your higher consciousness, healing you.

Thank you, David, and all Dear Ones with whom I have lost external contact. I cannot even be reading anymore, but I see you in my heart, and our meaningfully struggling life here is a constant prayer for you all.

Showers of blessings
from and through
your grateful Leon

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