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I knew this gorgeous girl from my dreams.

Daughter of Aries,

Queen of Hades,

foam-born Aphrodite,

all rolled up in one.

I had been crying for her for so long,

praying my heart out for her to cross the beyond,

for us to meet above all veils of lies,

and now finally here she was,

standing in front of me, staring at me,

the campus around us fading away.

They were gleaming in her eyes,

the universes we were to traverse,

and she saw me just as clearly herself.

Her Brighteyes, she called me,

she who had the glow of an elf.

She is the One

who still holds

my heart’s keys.

I am the Lion

she hugged

in her dreams.

I Love You, Plutonia, beyond thought and all time.

I Love You through my deep core of bright light divine.

Nothing can divide us with Eternity on our side.

Your Leon

Amore, solo amore ė quello che sento per te… per sempre!

((( Leon ❤ ❤ Plutonia )))


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