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Landing. Somewhat Unconventional.
– Waaaaaaaa… I cannot do this!
– Cannot do what?
– This! Waaa… wu wu waaaaaaaa…
– Oh crying? Pretty awesomely you do it alright!
– Haha, very funny. What do you have those wings for? Look at this misery around me from up there!
– So?
– “So”, he says… Ow!
– It’s alright, dear; they must slap you; you’ll get used to it again.
– Waaaaaaaa… I hate getting embodied in another fleshy prisoooon!
– Why is that? Clear your lungs now.
– *Gurgle gurgle* Because no one cares what I’ve come back again for! Waaaaaaaa!
– What you really cannot do, is pretend you forget everything.
– Oh great! They assigned me to the same smartarse again!
– “The same smartarse” who is also your own wise choice.
– A guardian of apathy to this fool’s wild voice!
– Excellent! Your knack for words is also here.
– And the Nobel for Poetry goes to Mr. *Urp Gluckk*
– Methinks we’ll have to work a bit more intensely on your cynicism this time around…
– OK, that’s enough! I’m choking real hard now and terminating this joke!
– Sure; be my guest! My manual for you keeps on expanding.
– Very creative guardian! Yes precious; very caring… Ow! Cut the slapping, dammit! Waaaaaaaa…

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, June 30, 2015. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, HUMAN EMBODIMENT! http://humanembodiment.com/2015/06/22/day-1-your-blogs-name/ MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION TO MY SOUL BROTHER RICH! http://humanembodiment.com/2014/11/03/ive-come-back-again-for-a-reason/

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