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When Every Day Hurts (two posts back) is incomplete; the better part is this here. “For above this life of water, love is found above, so sound”.
Daniel, I cannot begin to enumerate the subtle ways in which your intuition, perceptive insights and living prayers lighten me up and guide me. You help me sustain Plutonia and retain only the wisdom of our struggling experiences. G_d bless you and yours always, beloved Brother. ~Leon

Daniel Swearingen

Shall we fly above the water without our egos looking down, cross the raging foam of oceans where troubles often found? Shall we look at all the tempest that divides a world in two, personality disorders, between a couple fighting through? For there is a book of notions, that is written without a clue, that it says to love each other, we must become something new. Oh I would not deceive you, for I’ve seen the storm below, and if that liquid overtakes us then we sink to what we know. For what we know there in relationship, is heavy shameful words, and they complicate emotion from the scars of history gleaned. For it bears so worth repeating that it’s almost worth a scream, keep your love above the water, where the air is pristine clean.

Do you think there is a passage that runs beneath the ocean floor, filled…

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