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~ Skinny sweetheart sits in bus,

contemplating near and far. ~

* * * *
* * *
* *

I don’t know…

Be this.

Be that.

Look at this.

Don’t you want that?

Look at her;

and her;

and her!

How guys drool

and you always err.


Set aims high, you lazy girl!

Run, run, run; must melt this fat!

Shame on you! Zero’s too far!

Must. Not. Eat. Till pretty enough.

Measure! Weigh! …


… Oh, I wish I’d Stop

So exhausted… Full of scars…

Fractured pieces no one hugs.

All my needs just go unserved,

no one likes me unreserved.


And why to explain, when they can’t know;

them always right, me always wrong…

They just talk, get rid of guilt

for not caring; not one bit.

* *
* * *
* * * *

~ Bus moves faster, day meets night,

sweetheart prays with all her might;

thoughts relax while she retreats

to a place inside serene. ~

* * * *
* * *
* *

Hope one day

I’ll see they are me.

Just as wounded.

Though, less free;

more reluctant to flee lies;

light much dimmer in their eyes.

Hope I’ll see…

so I can forgive.



Too hazy.

I think I Know!

I’ll be confident and strong!


No, not “I’ll”;

I already AM!

Goddess Essence;



Healing Power

from Above…

by the latest posts
of my sweet darlings Lily and Kate.

Deeply felt
for every precious soul
who knows darkness first-hand
so they can help others.

We can only heal ourselves
by helping relieve
the suffering of others,
even in the smallest of ways.

The smallest can be grand,
because we All are Channels of
Healing Power from Above.

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, May 2015

It aches me so, not
having enough time
or the peace of mind
to cater even to such a
tiny group of dear souls.
Comment moderation is off;
so this peaceful place is yours.
It crosses your path for a reason.
Allow yourselves to Lovingly connect!
Use email if possible for mutual healing;
hold each other, be nurtured and uplifted.
I am always with you in love and gratitude.

( ~ ( ~ ( ~ ❤ ~ ) ~ ) ~ )