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Gratitude to Bethany Webster for authoring this, and to Monika SymbolReader for bringing it to my attention.

A superb article for my Beloved Plutonia and for all my Sisters everywhere who have been deprived of their power by their own mothers.

We have a lot of work to do, but I know that all together, united in our hearts, we can transform this patriarchal culture. “We increasingly embody the Goddess that is giving birth to a new world.”

Stay strong, Dear Ones. Love and Blessings, Leon

Womb Of Light

Julia Hetta

One of the hardest experiences a daughter can have in a mother/daughter relationship is seeing that your mother is unconsciously invested in your smallness. For women in this predicament, it’s truly heart-wrenching to see that, out of her own wounding, the person who gave birth to you unconsciously sees your empowerment as her own loss. Ultimately, it’s not personal but a very real tragedy of our patriarchal culture that tells women they are “less than.”

We all desire to be real, to be seen accurately, to be recognized, and to be loved for who we really are in our full authenticity. This is a human need. The truth is that the process of becoming our real selves involves being messy, big, intense, assertive and complex; the very things patriarchy portrays as unattractive in women. 

Historically, our culture has been hostile to the idea of women as true individuals.

The patriarchy portrays…

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