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Almost within grasp

Survival. It felt almost within our grasp. It was generously offered in words. Now it is apparently denied to us.

Life goes on as usual for those beloved relatives who had invited Plutonia on their own accord in Germany for two weeks in December. After their curiosity was satisfied, they went on to spend their long skiing vacation, while we “lazy southerners” sit layered up in an apartment chillier than the Alps. Despite our deeply felt karmic connections, as much as I have been wholeheartedly working for the bridging of our differences, as much as Plutonia has been trying to explain our reality and how we have reached the end of our road here in Greece, the gap is just too wide; the pasts of our families just too poisonous; our whole existence inconceivable, hopelessly paradoxical, personally and socially embarrassing to them.

The irony is that especially this one relative who could really help us, actually believes he has already offered us all the courage and wise instructions we need to make it on our own here, as long as we are nice Greek citizens, get decent jobs and sanitize our corrupt country. His much more emotionally intelligent daughters could never change their father’s Protestant worldview, which has no place for such tragic backgrounds, such pennilessness and debts. They need his money, he needs us here to continue taking care of his sister, and he objectively believes that we must have done something wrong to deserve this fate. He has always taken his privileged place in the system and his very comfortable life so for granted, that he will blame us if we don’t find any workable solutions soon.

We won’t. His bedridden sister, Plutonia’s mother, continues sucking our lives dry. The financial crisis is only deepening for people like us here. Many former “public servants” are soon getting restored to their payrolls, but there can be no end to austerity for those of us who are thrown out of everything because they have been working in the private sector with no connections to high places.

The newly elected government is inadvertently leading us to more chaos, to even more extreme poverty and desolation and suicides, because their best intentions are being thwarted. The ruling Europeans have been waving warning fingers at our populace for long now, blaming us in advance for the collapse they have been trained to see coming with the leftists’ rise to power. The Eurozone has been taking systematic soulless measures against turbulences from a Greek exit, and its bank sector is now sufficiently secured. The stage is set. Russia is also under economic attack and will not be permitted to help Greece. Not all countries will be allowed to visibly collapse. No more anti-austerity governments will be allowed to rise to power. This is exactly why they are sacrificing us, for other countries to know how to not end up like the Greeks. Our small population is used as a scapegoat, an example of self-destructive choices for all eurosceptics to watch and learn what to avoid and why they must comply with the continuation of the European Union’s construct towards global fascism.

Under these circumstances, positive thinking and optimism are shallow, misapplied terms; unless we use them as cover-up terms for Love.

People gathering in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens on February 5, 2015.

People gathering in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens on February 5, 2015.

Look at these beautiful people, fighting with the warmth of their hearts, not to destroy global economy, but to tilt the balance of forces towards good. These people have always believed that only love can awaken our common humanity. These people are here to help the vibration of eternity echo through all our souls and topple over those who control us everywhere on the planet. We Hellenes are One with all peoples, all cultures, all Creation. We long to find and to live in peace. Are you with us?