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A daughter we will never have, teaching me how to clear up my psychic energy emissions.

A daughter we will never have, teaching me how to clear up my psychic energy emissions.

One year ago today, Plutonia and I went for a walk at dusk, a hand-in-hand couple like the figures on our blog header and icon. After almost two decades of confinement to four walls, fighting for survival and being paid peanuts and taxed to extinction, each of us was the only person in the other’s life, and a short walk from time to time was the only outdoors activity for us to remain somewhat clear-headed and balanced. We don’t even have that physical outlet anymore with all that has been beating us down, but we are still fighting to uplift ourselves with compassion even for our personal and collective oppressors. Because I know this is possible; I know that uplifting our common humanity through our mere heart thoughts, really works.

Thoughts are real entities we shape to send out in the world as creators of reality. The distinction between the physical and the immaterial is only an illusion of our reluctant divinity. People like me who are born with Neptune in their first house -and I have my Moon there, too, both under the sign of Scorpio- know one thing for sure as a fact of personal experience: Our energetic bodies intertwine and communicate without a word being spoken.

So we went for a walk, well after sunset, on the promenade of our largely desolate town. It was Valentine’s day, as was evident from the presence of some young couples holding hands, sharing with us this rather dark promenade with the many broken-due-to-the-crisis streetlights, which for them only added to the atmosphere of romance.

Soon after we got on the promenade, we saw two hooded, very young teenage girls walking in our direction from fifty feet ahead of us, frolicking and giggling and pushing each other around.

“They’ve been drinking or something?” was all I could summon up, subconsciously jealous of their carelessness. “Maybe a little beer on Valentine’s,” said Plutonia, amused with my military strictness (Sun-Martian Leo Midheaven here); “not everyone is like us you know, alcohol-free up until their late twenties!”

What happened next felt completely supernatural to me, like the boundaries between worlds had dissolved and I was dealing with a representative of the fairy folk. No sooner had I formulated that judgemental thought than this dizzyingly otherworldly experience started taking place for me.

The jollier of the two girls suddenly freezes in place and turns her head in our direction, disconnecting from her friend. Uh-oh… It is too dark for my eyes to even make out the outline of her face under the hood, but I can actually feel her stare focusing on me, peering into my mind and speeding up my pulse! How’s she doing this? Registering my thought from that distance, and while busy… Or is my Neptune deluding me again?

She jumps away from her friend decisively with two showy sideways hops, stands upright and still for a while like a defiant statue with feet apart in shoulder width and arms loosely on the sides, body positioned on a straight line ahead of me, locking on me from all this distance for some kind of playful duel.

My solar plexus feels a kick and regret floods my head. Oh God, what have I done? I’m so sorry, little fairy. Alright, you don’t look that drunk; you don’t look drunk at all! I apologize. What’s it gonna be now?

Too late for apologies, obviously, because now it gets even wilder. As I keep on walking relaxed hand-in-hand with Plutonia on my right in constant speed, the girl starts running! Spindly legs in tight jeans, first she runs, then she starts jumping up and down straight towards me, two jumps on one foot and two on the other, on and on she goes higher and higher, daring me to check her balance, daring me even to check the cleanness of her breath as she comes that close to me without slowing down, bringing her face right in front of mine for a fraction of a second! Scant inches before collision, she leaps to my left at lightning speed and swoosh! disappears behind us, soundlessly like a deer.

We continue walking as if nothing had happened, me feeling incredibly silly with the silent giggle we exchanged, but at the same time relieved and much lighter, my thoughts fresher than her breath, my heart racing with this healing intrusion on my aura.

I know you can do better, mister, so please don’t you ever again judge people like that, alright?

I won’t, sweet fairy of a daughter-I-will-never-have! I surely won’t. Always be happy and safe.

“What was that?” asked Plutonia innocently startled.

“She’s playing.”

“What playing? I thought she had earphones on, didn’t she? Listening to music and simply not noticing us?”

“Oh, she noticed me big time. I intruded her mind sphere, she caught my vibes and reacted playfully to put me in my place; that’s what happened.”

I never saw her face because it was too dark and the wind at her back kept the hood on her head, so if our paths were to cross again, I would not recognize her but only get a feeling of otherworldliness, because the whole experience had something of a terrifyingly exhilarating encounter with a wise master from another dimension. I also had the strong feeling that I know this soul from another lifetime. From that day on, I decided that I would be doing my best to prevent any frustrated emotions from getting the better part of me.

And then came you dearest friends, who have been making me see even more clearly what a great loving responsibility we all have towards one another, because the same interactions work just as strongly with people we never meet in person, regardless of any distances separating us. Many of us do not always get it right, I am not oversimplifying anything, but I can feel us all needing to clean out our psychic garbage and doing just that, spreading honesty and love and getting better at it.

As our energies rise to balance out these dark times, we are all affected in many ways which may seem new to our current perception, but are essentially ancient and timeless. We are becoming what we are meant to be through all our bumpy, shadowy roads, and no one is left out of this heart awakening. Let us keep it up, whatever may be threatening us personally and collectively. Thank you for tuning into each other’s needs and emotions, for reaching out to each other and for the Light. In this world where we have all landed again for a while, there is nothing more valuable than healing embraces to keep us going. Thank you, beloved people.

A Healer Of A Fairy - Love