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Sing for me at last
and take me far above the clouds,
just you and me laughing as one.

Talk to me
about all that will unfold between us,
about all that I’m afraid is very true.

Dream of me
and follow me into a rose dream
we are shaping just for us.

Make a wish,
the sweetest you can think of,
the naughtiest you would like me to fulfill;

Say it in my ear,
whisper it softly and give me life
so grand I thought I’d never ever know.

Dream of me
and follow me into a rose dream
we are shaping just for us.

Look at me,
your face to me is an angel of love
that makes my world shine brightly every day.

Hold my hands,
I’m not afraid of anyone tonight,
I’m safe with you to feel the unity of love.

Dream of me
and follow me into a rose dream
we are shaping just for us.

Leon of SolitaryThinkers,
February 2015

This is my poetically independent but essentially faithful translation of the lyrics of Ρόδινο Όνειρο, performed below by the talented Greek singer Δήμητρα Παπαδέα, artistically known as Demy, a young lady full of light as shown also by her Leo stellium: her Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all on top of one another in Leo. And because where there is light there is darkness, all this glory of hers is smitten via a square by her Scorpio Pluto, very fittingly for her being the ambassadress of an awareness-raising cause of this nature.

This song is officially used by the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention as part of the AIDS campaign Getting2Zero (zero new infections; zero AIDS-related deaths; zero discrimination) and partly sponsored by the Hellenic Ministry of Health, so Demy is an offspring of the Greek élite, but she is not to be judged for the fact that she has been promoted by circles that have been participating in the agendas responsible for the unending ravaging of our lives here through the economy. There is no other way to rise to fame and affluence in this perpetually occupied corner of the world, and if we blame any individuals, we sustain the destructive attitude of disbelief and hatred. I do not believe in working against anyone, but only in pure spiritual work that passes the flame of divine remembrance from soul to soul.

What I would like us to keep from the following video, wherefrom I took the snapshot of this beautiful female couple I incorporated in my image above, is the message that we cannot afford to not be only For; for universal compassion, for personal freedom, for authenticity and inner truth above all prejudice, for the protection and empowerment of those members of our true family whose loving creative potential is brutally obstructed because they happen to fall outside any social norms.

I am grateful to each one of you amazing people for blessing us individually and collectively. Stay true to yourselves and know you have many on your side, each one of us ridiculously insufficient on our own, all together unbeatable because united in our hearts.