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Τα πάντα ρει, μηδέποτε κατά τ’ αυτό μένειν. ~Ηράκλειτος // Everything flows, nothing stands still. ~Heraclitus

Born out of stardust we all are
We know no earthly homes
We are not meant for permanence
Our souls bow to no thrones

If you too feel you’re floating
somewhere at the edge of space,
forlorn, forgotten, purposeless,
cursing your empty days,

please know this is a sentiment
by far not shared by few;
it rather shows that you’ve still got
a lot more things to do.

Your heart is strong; kept safe and warm
by friends who feel your pain,
fumbling themselves out of the dark
to send more light your way.

Those tears are fine; they cleanse our souls,
uplift us for rebirth,
leaving us free to start again
from where our rainbows end.

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, January 2014

For my beloved sister Lily, whose spark one year ago tomorrow, the very first Like on this blog, her aching poetry and her friendship, made me feel I should never give up on this world. Please visit and explore her lovely thoughtful works.