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What wild experience was this,
being invited to see
Western consumerism reign free,
being thrown such painful doubts…

“How can you be so sparkling smart,
yet so at a loss to pay each bill?
Maybe you’re leaving doors unknocked.
We watch the news; Greece Goes Uphill!”

Alright then! We’ll die climbing!
I’ve always loved the thought of leaving
my last breath on a mountain.

Too much for granted there.
Here, naught.
The gap’s too wide; the dream too high.

They’re really trying to throw a line.
But we are stuck.
A truck in mud.
They only got one shoe lace.


The karma is strong, though. It floods me.
Hearts paving ways. Pure cosmic light.
Devils storm screaming. Angels sing.
Contracts of old: Keep up the fight!

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, December 2014