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These lines, our dear Clarissa,
I write to celebrate you
at this important point in your life,
the closing of a major cycle,
the opening of another.

I know how the grave taskmaster
is right now at his harshest with you.
My first “tough love” planet’s return
was when my girl moved in with me.
It was both heaven and hell
wrapped up in one; with hell on top.

You can’t escape “hell on top”,
I feel so deep your daily struggles,
but you’ll survive; I know you’ll thrive.
Those who destroy us will not give up;
their twisted wisdom is nothing like Saturn’s,
but even they will help us see
what we are really here for.

Your clear conscience is pure gold.
I am so very proud of you
aching for those who suffer.
Please know I’m always by your side,
praying for our spirits to hold fast.
Let go of the past, its pain and tears;
all future darkness to survive,
you don’t need bitterness and fears.

You know you saved me on my birthday,
I know you’ll save many more
and that their gratitude will bless you.
So glad you started your own blog!
Your tales will not remain untold!
You’ll find real healing if you choose
to be investing of yourself
only in those who care,
who go out of their way to honor you.
The rest we’ll be fending off together.

My heart is yours,

wishing you

the brightest of Saturn cycles!

Your friend and brother,



Your exact Saturn Return is more than two weeks away, Clarissa, but this is a major twice-in-a-lifetime change and I know your soul has been struggling amid the agonizing transition phase. I thankfully feel you as a rising force, too. I had decided to offer you my wishes through this all-yours WordPress page before you started your blog, to get you going and to give you faith that in this community you will find beautiful people who will truly care for You as the amazing person that you really are. I am so happy that you launched Viva Combusta!, I am already a big fan of yours relishing your insights, and deeply honored by your reblogging my previous post; you were my muse, you know, for creating that quote image with the Native American medicine woman, among other things. Now I can rest assured you will say whatever you want to say in your own unique way, through astrology and I can’t wait to see what else, and I encourage you to do it even when you think that your thoughts and feelings might seem too heavy or even desperate and depressive; the creative process will be helping your gloominess recede and attracting kindred souls who will be shedding their light on you. You have been a saving grace for me, and not just on my birthday. Thank you so much for empathizing with Plutonia and for your uplifting angel-candle prayers. Please know that all members of your small family are also on my heart’s prayers list for their personal challenges and their problems with you to be alleviated, for their true selves to shine and to allow you your freedom to grow.

The Sun-Plutonian-by-conjunction lead singer Joseph Williams in the following concert video (son of composer John Williams) definitely exudes something of my passion, so I’ll have him and the rest of this amazing band I’ve always loved close my wishes to you. This is from Toto’s live concert celebrating their 35th Anniversary in Poland in 2013. When their Seventh One album was released in 1988, my struggling, one-man-against-the-world eighteen-year-old self was absolutely enthralled with this song, and I didn’t know that somewhere in that Home of the Brave, in the little package of a three-year-old baby girl, there was this brave soul mate of mine to whom I would one day dedicate it. So here we are! Here’s to your staying calm and courageous during this transition and always, in the face of all your struggles; here’s to your expressing your inner power and unfolding your charm against all obstacles, so that on your second Great Teacher’s return, when you are 58 and Plutonia is 71 and I am 73, we will all be embracing, grateful that we recognized each other and have helped each other be the authors of our own lives. “We will be turning the same curves together, all of us”, remember? I love you Clarissa.