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You are no Impurity to me

Dear Evanescent Shadows

Your soul of Light helps me again breathe

on fragrant daybreak meadows

Leon of SolitaryThinkers
in gratitude to and for
Kate of JustAnotherImpurity,
Oktober 2014


This short poem
in the dawning sky above
was lovingly composed on its own
between sleep and awareness a few days ago.
It was Kate’s gratitude that formed it in my mind.
I could actually feel her working with me, and as soon as
I fully woke up with this incredible warmth in my chest,
I jotted down these twenty one words,
went to our computer with more than a suspicion,
and there they were:
her cordial responses to my comments had arrived a while ago!

Please visit Just Another Impurity and explore Kate’s beautiful, healing works.
Please do not let human suffering or your own inner darkness scare you.
We really cannot afford to be mourning the fading of
the brightest souls our world is blessed with.
We can do this together;
keyboard to keyboard,
Heart to Heart.


Thank you so much for being You.

I am unspeakably grateful that you are my sister.

You do not have to comment here, not only because we did compose these words together, but also because an hour ago you offered me your forever sustaining treasure of a response in your About page. Just keep my love and go your way please, feeling hopefully a little less exhausted and depleted.

The unexpressed musician in me will continue aching that he cannot set your lovely words to music (“unexpressed” means exactly this, I am not a musician; I am something of an UnSun, an UnexpressedLeoSun), but I am thankful for this “almost” you wrote to me under My Nightingale: “the power of music amazes me almost as much as words”. The music of words is more important for me too. Your writing is ink spilled from my own quill, Kate, your psyche a part of mine. Please bring back your Essays page, which made my long-distance-running mind’s loneliness recede.

Here is an amazing song for you.