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2014-10-01_NewHistoriesInTheMaking,OldFuturesBornAgainWe are here to create the lives we planned
between our incarnations
Deep down we know we never part
We are kin soul constellations

Remembering our non-separateness
freshens our souls like sea breeze
O, our renewed togetherness
reflects countless old journeys…

Leon of SolitaryThinkers,
August 2014


We are all divine beings with eternal souls. Honor everyone you connect with, however casually, between the lines of any writings of theirs or yours, behind any appearances, above any agendas. Our souls are essentially re-connecting during each lifetime for very important personal lessons and collectively spiritual reasons. Love everyone deeply, because there is no doubt that we have all met before, even though we don’t remember where or when.

The video below starts with a beach scene, like the one of my poem image above. The zone between land and sea is for me a symbolically charged metaphor for our life between lives, the realm where we all meet again to embrace and sign our new soul contracts. This is my favorite song on reincarnation, performed by the wonderful Scorpio singer and jazz pianist Diana Krall. The awareness of our living many lives cannot get any more mystically emotional than Where Or When.